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On Wednesday 21st May 2015, Kenya Country Coordination Mechanism (KCM) as part of their core governance function of oversight, visited the country’s non-state, Civil Society Principal Recipient Kenya Red Cross- Global Fund Management Unit. The visit’s objective was to certify that implementation of Global Fund grants is undertaken as planned and that any issues and/or bottlenecks are identified and resolved. Global Fund’s evaluation of program performance is based on results and outcomes, thus the core principle of oversight is to ensure that resources – financial and human – are used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the country.

This oversight plan has been developed to enable KCM carry out its oversight function in a well-organized, transparent and documented manner that involves a broad range of stakeholders, including its members and non-members. It provides a strategic framework for effective oversight of Principal Recipients by KCM to facilitate successful grant performance. “We appreciate the efforts the Government of Kenya is undertaking in order to have these engagements. This activity adds value to the grants”, said Abshiro Halake, the Deputy Secretary General- Special Programs of KRCS. Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) was recently re-appointed as the Principal Recipient for the non-state actors for under the New Funding Model alongside AMREF and the Ministry of Finance which is the handling the State component of the Country’s grant.